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MUSIC: Kung Fu Kicks It At The Met

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


New-funk outfit Kung Fu brought their unique mix of electro-fusion and blistering dance arrangements to The Met last week.

I always like going to a show when I get to see a couple groovy acts take the stage. When an experience like that is at The Met in Pawtucket, you simply can't go wrong. Funk fusion fanatics Kung Fu headlined this past Thursday night with psychedelic jazz prodigy Marco Benevento opening things up. With the amount of musical excellence flowing throughout the room, you knew it was going to be a fantastic time. Among countless other reasons, that's why you should have been at The Met last week.

Marco Benevento

With a drummer and bassist accompanying him, Marco Benevento on piano was soothing to the core. He has quite a reputation in the illustrious New York City jazz scene with his acclaim steadily extending throughout New England and beyond. On this night you could definitely get to know first hand why there is such a buzz, Benevento was on point with every note. Astounding rhythms and mind-boggling syncopation, watching him play had me in near disbelief. Seeing is believing and Benevento's trio was a true treasure to listen to with every song. He even wore a huge tiger mask, flipping it around and adorning his bandmates with it to get people into the dancing mood. Along with being a must see to check out live, Marco Benevento has a new album out called Tigerface (hence why him and his band wore the mask). If it's as good as Between The Needles And Nightfall then I highly suggest you pick up a copy.

Kung Fu

A florescent multi-colored light show glowed all over The Met and Kung Fu took over the audience. "Rocks", "Do The Right Thing", "God Made Me Funky" and "S'All Good" highlighted a performance chock full silky smooth sax solos, blistering licks on the guitar and infectiously smooth tones. After the crowd kept on shaking their hips and screaming at the top of their lungs, it was only fitting Kung Fu came out for an emphatic instrumental jam session for an encore to conclude an evening that was right in so many ways. Kung Fu hail from the New York tri-state are but they always manage to head up to Lil' Rhody and rock the place like nobody else. Make sure you catch them the next time they roll through your neighborhood, while you're at it log on to themetri.com to see what's happening at one of the best places to catch a show in The Ocean State.


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